Chapter 7 : Class Template Instantiation

In this chapter, we will learn various aspects of class template instantiation. Understanding the class template instantiation is pivotal to the overall understanding of the functioning of templates in general. The fundamental concept of template instantiation remains the same for both function templates and class templates. However, instantiation of class template instantiation is more complex than function template.

Chapter 6 : Working with Class Templates

In the first section of the book, we have learned about the basic syntax and usage of a function template. In this second part of the book, we will focus on the class templates. Class templates are an essential tool for the programmer to design classes that can work on the generic data type. While class templates are an excellent tool for the programmers, it is slightly complex than the function templates. The syntax and usage may look a bit daunting for new programmers. In this chapter, we will learn about how to declare and define classes with templated parameters step by step with simple examples at each step.