C++ notes: Shallow copy, overloaded assignment operator and deep copy explained

Operator overloading is one of the fundamental operation which come across often in a C++ program. It is bit cryptic in syntactical side as well as often a misunderstood topic amongst new programmer. I will try to explain this as a series of C++ related notes (as I like to call this) following this post.

How to take snapshot and restore a snapshot in VirtualBox 5.2.6

Sometimes you may want to take a snapshot of the current state of your virtual machine (in my case Ubuntu Linux) so that you can revert back to it if anything goes wrong in the virtual machine. The feature in VirtualBox which helps in this is called a snapshot. A snapshot is basically a backup of your virtual machine in its current state.

What is memory leak in a C program?

Memory leak is a phenomenon where a running C/C++ program or a running process or thread dynamically allocates memory block from the heap but fails to free the memory block when it no more requires the memory. This happens due to programmatic error where the handle to the allocated memory block gets lost. Over a time if the same programmatic entity (a process, or a thread or a function) comes into action repeatedly and leaks memory, all the free memory of the systems goes away and eventually the systems throws the dreaded "Out Of Memory" and crumbles down.

Marketing Management Assignment – Feasibility Analysis: Launching a branch of a company in a new market/country/economic zone

In your role as a Marketing Consultant, you have been asked by Wiggo*: a fictitious European supermarket (food retailer) chain (similar to Aldi and Lidl) to research and report on the feasibility of them launching in a new international market (this can be a country or economic zone of your choice and/or one you are familiar with).

Write a program to convert a decimal number to its binary equivalent using stack.

[code language="cpp"] #include <iostream> #include <sstream> #include <stdio.h> #include <string> using namespace std; template <typename T> class Stack { private: int top; T datastore[100]; public:…

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