I was trying to connect to a newly installed Ubuntu Linux version 12.04 using FileZilla but the application kept on timing out. This can happen either in either of the below two protocols:


For the connection issue with FTP please refer to this blog.

Here we will discuss the connection with sftp protocol using FileZilla.

First check if you are using a right port.

sftp runs on top of ssh and uses port 22. So in FileZilla use port 22 for the sftp connection. In the file menu got to the Site Manager and check the port as below:


Next set the protocol to SFTP.

Set the Logon Type to Normal.

Type in the User Name and the Password.

Now, try and see if it succeeds.

If it still fails then we need to check the linux server side.

For SFTP connection we need the ssh service running on the linux machine.

Check if the ssh service is installed and running on the linux server refer to this blog.

Now try the same from FileZilla again, and should be able to connect the linux server.

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