Let’s say I have a python script called my_module.py in the location ~/junk/my_test/script/lib/. The my_module.py has a very trivial function called my_print() which just prints “Hello World”.

The script looks like below:

def my_print():
        print "Hi there"


Now I have another python script called my_another_python_script.py at the location /home/vbhadra/python_test_scripts/import_module. I want to call the function my_print() written in ~/junk/my_test/script/lib/my_module.py. The following is a easy way of doing it. This is python 3.x and hasn’t been tested in python 2.x or any other version. Follow the below code snippet:

import os
import sys



import my_module

def main():

if __name__=="__main()__":

Run the my_another_python_script.py as below:
python my_another_python_script.py and you should see the below output:
“Hello world”

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