Git Rebasing


Problem Description

Suppose you have a local GIT repository where dev-stable-topic is the development branch and time to time the releases are made to the customer from a remote GIT repository which has a branch called release-stable from where the selective changes are merge in a controlled way. The remote repository is hosted in a separate linux server.

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Browse Kernel code with Eclipse

This blog will try to demonstrate the steps required to use eclipse for browsing Linux kernel level source code, e.g. Linux kernel tree or device driver codes. If you have already worked with Linux kernel level source code you will know that the Linux kernel is written in C and Linux kernel space device drivers are also written in C. For c/c++ source code the eclipse version I use is called Eclipse-CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling). My development environment is Ubuntu Linux. So most of my references will be based on Ubuntu packages but these steps are pretty much similar in other Linux distros.

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