It is a myth being spread across by media that #AAP is sweeping the support of the people all across the country to garner more support in future in favour of it for some vested interest or over enthusiasm. But step back and think for a moment, Delhi was the epitome of #AAP movement, it gained its acme of campaign with all those rhetorical promises, by all those theatrics of cutting the electrical wires, burning bill in public. Populism at its best. But even after all these melodrama it couldn’t even stand as the the single largest party which it claimed to be before the election. It reminds me somewhat of the “Singur” moment in West Bengal by Mamta Banerjee. But the difference is that Mamta Banerjee (for good or bad) was able to sweep whole of Bengal, there was no sign of others around, people truly gave their mandate. But here is a party which claims to be the party with a difference (the difference is yet to come out in their practice) has not even managed to be the single largest party in a small/half state like Delhi. And I believe #AAP had a better popular plank for campaign than Mamta Banerjee. So the first impact of #AAP is not even the half of Trinomool Congress.
Now just after the election #AAP has compromised with its basic promise of not aligning with any of the “Chor”/”Bhrasth” (as they say) national parties. But they have already shook hands with Congress. Some would argue on a super technical theorem that this is not an alliance it is a support etc. But think about the support of Mulayam to Congress, that’s exactly the same, supporting from outside and not an alliance. But there is always a quid-pro-quo – Mulayam provides support to a minority govt and in turn centre doesn’t let the CBI go after him and his party leaders, centre turns a blind eye to the riots happening in the state so on and so forth. Now here in Delhi Congress’s immediate target is to defend Modi, cut into anti-congress vote and restrict him to come to power. And once that is accomplished congress can collect a bunch of so called secular parties and form the next govt. And then after what would it demand from #AAP in future that future will tell us, I have no idea. Congress support to a minority govt has been usually maximum 2 years so far. As I strongly believe there is no free lunch this has to be a part of a grand deal, time will tell.
Now coming back to #AAP garnering support across the country. So a new party with some holier than thou agenda’s, with some populist schemes in the list couldn’t even manage to totally woo the already distressed people of a very small state. And after forming the govt the way they have tried to keep their promises so far gives us two points, one they are following the standard populist measures to woo the voters(free water and 50% electricity bill reduction etc) and two that these people are modern day leftists when it comes to economy. I see a lot of people who perhaps voted for them are not happy and have already started raising their voice. So here #AAP in fact loses their voters share rather than extending it. One more point, a percentage of people who voted for AAP in Delhi thinks they want Modi as their next PM in the LS election. So #AAP loses this section of voters too when it comes to LS. The third is interesting. I see a lot of #AAP supporters are pathological Modi haters. A lot of new #AAP supporters would be bad mouthing about Modi all the time, which indicates they are the original Congress supporters and now turning to #AAP as Congress is nowhere in the picture. This section of voters are interesting because rather than cutting into Modi’s vote (which is Congress’s original plan for supporting #AAP) it seems that #AAP is now cutting into Congress’s traditional vote bank. That be the case it is going to help Mr. Modi in coming days than hurting him. It would be difficult for #AAP to translate all their dramatic campaigns in the national platform simply because state to state India is different and they would realise it soon. They would find it extremely difficult follow what they preach as lots of those are just not practical. Unlike Modi #AAP doesn’t have any track records to showcase to the people as their model of governance. The little they have shown has party gone against them already, at least to a section of voter. So however much the media may try to make the king of their choice, at last the the real people’s king would perhaps have the last laugh. Jai Hind!!

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